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Submit Your Car for display at PATINA Classic Car Show

PATINA is a classic car show for unrestored and heavily cars with loads of patina. 

Selection committee

We have a selection committee that will pick the cars we think will make a fun display for everyone involved. Please don’t be offended if your car is not selected. We only have room for 150 cars inside the castle grounds. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for classic and vintage cars that are used and loved by their owners. Many people think their car is not nice enough for some car shows. That is not the case for PATINA!

Submit your daily driver classic and vintage car.

We are not looking for ‘Barn Finds’. We would prefer the car to be driven to the show if possible. 

My car is restored. Can I come?

Yes! All cars are welcome. There will be a big display area in front of the castle for restored classic and vintage cars. Select ‘Classic Car Parking’ when you buy your ticket.

What qualifies as Unrestored?

Examples are the best way to describe this:

  • Cars that have been well preserved and never restored.
  • Daily drivers that are barely hanging in there and which have been repaired countless times to keep them running.
  • Cars that have been worked on over the years and still keep most of their original look and feel.
  • Cars that have been restored once or twice in their lifetime, but no longer look restored.
  • Cars that have visible patina. 

How old/young can the car be?

We are looking for cars that are 40+ years old. However, we will include some newer cars for their significance. 

What if my car looks new or restored, but is not?

If this is the case, you are a lucky person. Please submit your car.

What if it was restored a long time ago?

Many classic/vintage cars have been restored several times over the years. These are normally cars that are used regularly. They get worn out, rusty and need work every 20 something years. A well-used classic, even if it has been restored a long time ago, can have a lovely patina and a nicely-worn look. Please submit your car for submission.

What if it was a really bad restoration and it now looks unrestored?

This is more common than you would think, sadly. Many classic cars look unrestored even though they were just restored a few years ago. Submit your car and see what the selection committee think.

Should I clean and polish my car?

Sure! Make it look good. Be proud of your car. You are displaying it for all to see. 

What if parts have been restored, but not all of it?

Good question. Many cars have had work done on them and still be considered original. This can include (in my humble opinion),  partial repainting, engine rebuild, suspension rebuild, new hoods/tops, etc. If so much work has been done over the years that nothing is original, then calling it original can be questioned. If torn seat covers are replaced with an original set of seats from another car, this could qualify as being original. 
Here are two examples:

  • A 1957 MGA has been partly restored. The outer body is untouched while underneath many things have been renewed. It is very scruffy on the outside but new under the bonnet and under the car. It looks unrestored on the outside. This would be in the grey area. The selection committee would make the final decision.
  • A Volvo PV544 has had many panels repainted and looks really good. However, the top has never been repainted and the seats are original. Even though lots of the car has been resprayed over the years, it would still be mostly original. It is definitely not restored. 

My car has been heavily modified. Is it allowed?

Hot rods or resto-mods are lots of fun. We have seen many examples that would be allowed. Please submit your car.

How to submit your car

We will require a lot of information about your car for the selection committee.

  • Make/Model
  • Year
  • Registration number
  • Story – The story is very important. Describe your car and tell us why it should be selected. The more information the better. Also include what work has been done on the car and what work has not been done. This will help us understand why it qualifies.
  • Potos – Photos are required for your car to be considered. Please send up to 10. At least one photo is required. Send photos to

NOTE: This information and photos will be used in our show guide and on the website for the cars selected.

Cost for displaying your car

Displaying your car costs £10 and includes your car and passengers. The £10 goes toward the maintenance and upkeep of Lullingstone Castle.

If your car is selected, you will be sent a link to pay the £10.

Submission form

PHOTOS: Please send photos of your car to Photos are required for your car to be considered.