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Sunday 14 August 2022


The PATINA Classic Car Show is a celebration of all our beloved unrestored classic and vintage cars. It is a festival for the unpresentable cars we love and drive regularly. This show is for the beautifully preserved cars that have never been restored and also the regularly used classics that ooze with patina and character. Even those cars that are limping along and held together by hope and love are welcome.

Warning: This is NOT a concourse event. There will be greasy engine bays. It is recommended you not wear white linen. Instead, grab a pair of overalls and join the party in the beautiful setting of the grounds of Lullingstone Castle.

Show visitors will be encouraged to bring a blanket and hamper and have a relaxing picnic.

Awards will be given for Best Preserved, Most Original, Least Likely to Get Home, Most Elaborate Picnic, and more.

Restored cars are also welcome. There will be a big display area in front of the entrance of the castle for these.

Date and location:

Sunday 14 August 2022
10am to 6pm

Lullingstone Castle and The World Garden
Dartford DA4 0JA

Submit your car

Submit your beloved car to be one of the 150 cars displayed within the grounds. Submissions are now being accepted. Click here to submit your car.

Another 200 cars can park outside the castle grounds. These can be restored or unrestored.

Selection committee

Our selection committee will sort through the submissions and choose 150 of the more interesting car for display inside the castle grounds. The criteria for selection for this first show is a bit fluid and is being defined as we go along. So please bear with us. 

Prize categories

Awards will be given for Best Preserved, Best of Show, Least Likely to Get Home, Most Elaborate Picnic, and more. Everyone visiting the show will be invited to vote for the cars they like most.


PATINA is looking for sponsors. If you would like to sponsor our first show, please contact Darren.


Submit your car

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Lullingstone Castle and the extensive gardens